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You could be looking to have the thrill of your sexual life and you’re thinking of going unicorn girlfriend hunting. Deciding where to look is very important and that’s why there are unicorn dating sites online. Many heterosexual couples try hanging out at bars or nightclubs to find such partners to fulfil their sexual needs. It can be quite difficult doing that because you won’t know a unicorn girl upfront. However, it’s always better to find these girls in a pool of unicorns online. It’s easier, faster and more efficient. Unicorn hunting is one of those big ponds where you could catch the right polyamorous partner for you. This site provides a platform where couples of all kinds could find their right unicorn to enjoy the pleasures of their sex life. The question is what does an online unicorn hunting site do for you? Once you sign up, this site takes you through a bicupid portal which is an online dating platform for heterosexual males and females. This site generally allows bisexuals to accept themselves and mingle with other like-minded people. This is where you get your pool of co-existent unicorns.


Subscription options for GOLD membership service:
1 month Payment of $29.95 USD About 1.0 Per Day
3 months Payment of $59.95 USD About 0.7 Per Day
6 months Payment of $95.95 USD About 0.6 Per Day


  • • Primarily, the key features of the site are much more than viewing profiles.
  • • The site allows you to communicate effectively with your soon to-be partner by letting you send emails directly to other members.
  • • It also has advanced search tools that will help you find your perfect match and helps keep tabs on newly registered members so if you’re looking for a unicorn girl, you can find one.
  • • It also lets you upload photos and view the erotic profiles of other unicorns.
  • • It is generally made for everyone, regardless of gender, race or tribe.
  • • This site is very ideal for young couples looking for a third hand in the game.

Editor's Verdict

Ever wondered what the real meaning of a unicorn stands for? A unicorn is this mystical creature that some kids dream about. But the real concept behind a unicorn goes deeper than a flying horse. A unicorn is referred to as a third party in a sexual relationship. Yes, it’s the person that makes up a threesome. A lot of couples love a romantic spice when having affairs, so they indulge the idea of getting a someone who is literally both into girls and guys at the same time. The person could also just be flexible, not necessarily a bisexual. Now, just as there are dating or hook-up sites, there are sites that can help a couple find their ideal third person match. These sites are called Unicorn dating sites.

The main goal of this is to achieve your utmost sexual fantasies and get all the pleasure and fun you want. If you can’t find them at bars or in your local communities, try a unicorn hunt and go online. The act of unicorn hunting is to find you and your partner the suitable and perfect third person to engage in all your sexual activities. Just like online dating sites, online unicorn hunting sites provide you with a range of people to select from. At good rates, you could join the group of bisexuals and find the right one for you. When considering the possibility of entering a triad polyamorous relationship, you must find the right unicorn that suits you.

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