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To find a unicorn, there are plenty of platforms in the internet available for everyone including bisexual couple. This however does not mean that fishing a unicorn will be that easy. Even at the presentation of multiple choices of viable options, couples have different tastes and preferences and also have to consult before settling on a choice. With the help of some unicorn dating sites, couples were able to find unicorns. But what factors contribute in making a particular unicorn dating site superior over others?


Subscription options for GOLD membership service:
1 month Payment of $29.95 USD About 1.0 Per Day
3 months Payment of $59.95 USD About 0.7 Per Day
6 months Payment of $95.95 USD About 0.6 Per Day


  • Bisexual unicorn should be easy to sign-up and it is more convenient to the user when it is free to use. But sometimes paying an extra dollar can be worth it if you get extra services.
  • • is a popular dating site for bisexual unicorn and for couples trying to find unicorns.
  • • Standard membership is limited in terms of services available to the user. The user can upload photos and access profiles of other users.
  • • A good unicorn dating site should have a good and effective match making algorithm. Landing the wrong unicorn every time you search can be a time consuming process. But a good match making algorithm is only as good as the members it is supposed to serve. It is recommended that users should provide sufficient information while creating new profiles for the easiest experience of the service.
  • • Some unicorn dating sites have the annoying tendency of attracting scams and jokers. But other dating sites like are careful about granting memberships. Members with inconsistent profiles have their profiles suspended pending verification. To avoid these inconveniences it is important to provide correct information.
  • • Our phones are the most convenient gadgets due to the fact that they are mobile. A good unicorn dating site always has a mobile friendly website that is data economical and can be accessed on the go. It is also a bonus to have a mobile application that is available across all mobile platform. This gives you the convenience of instant messaging and notification even while you travel.

Editor's Verdict

A bi unicorn, in dating, is an individual who is willing by choice to join a relationship (homosexual or heterosexual) as a third partner or unicorn woman. Mythical and relationship unicorns have one thing in common; both are rare to find. Due to issues of social stigma and rejection, many fear to embrace their true sexual nature. Even at couple level, there are those who fear to reveal to their partners the nature of their sexual desires. Sure there is the risk of a break-up but it can also lead to the most exciting relationship one can ever have.


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